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How to buy an item

iOffer.com is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. We provide storefronts (the platform), but we don't handle sales or shipment - third-party sellers are responsible for their inventory.

If you're interested in an item, search iOffer.com - click on "Buy Now" or "Make an Offer". If you would like to purchase multiple items from a seller, click on "Add to Cart" and checkout with one invoice.

If you need to contact a seller for product, shipping or payment information, please click "Ask Question" and view "Recent Questions & Answers".

For your safety, please review the seller's feedback rating and transaction history, along with the Buyer Safety Guide before committing to any purchases:http://www.ioffer.com/entries/show/27763?type=tips

More info on iOffer and making a purchase: http://www.ioffer.com/info/how_it_works