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How do I cancel an order?

Cancellations do not guarantee a refund. If you need a refund, please make arrangements with the seller before canceling the transaction.

1. Types of cancellations

There are two types of order cancelations: Buyer and Seller.

A buyer can cancel any order after 24 hours, provided it has not been paid for.

A seller can request a cancelation if they are unable to fulfill an order (Out of Stock, Unable to ship, etc.) that has been paid for.

2. How to cancel:

To cancel an order, click “Cancel Order” on the Order Summary:

You will then be asked to confirm the cancelation:

3. Seller Cancellations:

If a seller is unable to fulfill an order (Out of Stock, Unable to ship, etc.), they will file a Seller Cancellation. If you made payment, but have not received a refund, immediately un-cancel the transaction by clicking "Order unexpectedly cancelled?":

NOTE: Offsite sales (buying and selling outside of iOffer) are strictly prohibited. If you received a request to cancel the transaction and complete your purchase off-site, please report the seller by visiting the iOffer Helpdesk.

4. What happens after I cancel?

Canceling an order immediately terminates the transaction and remaining order processing.

Was your order cancelled unexpectedly? See My order was cancelled by mistake - How do I reverse a cancellation? to learn more about re-opening your order and reporting the seller.