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How do I pay for a purchase?

iOffer is a marketplace. We provide stores (the platform), and independent sellers manage their inventory, sales and shipping. After placing an order (via “Buy Now” or “Make Offer”), most buyers are directed through checkout to complete payment. If the seller hasn’t provided a payment processor, prefers to invoice via email, or is unable to accept payments, your Order Summary will display, “Your payment is required”:

Payment is required within 48 hours, after which your order may be canceled for non-payment.

If you entered checkout, but couldn’t complete payment, you can click “Back to checkout,” re-enter checkout and try again:

If you already paid, click “I already paid” to confirm payment:

After clicking "Mark Paid", you will be prompted to verify payment information: 

If you made a mistake or no longer wish to proceed with the order, please visit "How do I cancel an order?" to learn more about order cancelations.