How can we help?

I haven't received my item, need an item exchange, or get a refund?

iOffer is a marketplace. We provide stores (the platform), but independent sellers manage their inventory, sales and shipping. Unfortunately, iOffer cannot refund or exchange products as we are not part of the order or payment process.

If you have an issue with an order, you can report a problem and we will alert the seller:

You are prompted to take the following steeps when making a report:

Step 1: Contact the seller directly ("How do I contact a seller?") to attempt to resolve problems with your order, including shipping, refunds, exchanges or any other issues:

Step 2 - File a dispute with your payment processor to request a refund. This should be done concurrently with Step 1 (above). You can always cancel the dispute with your payment provider should the seller provide a timely resolution to your problem:

*A note about international shipping times: iOffer connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Depending on your location, overseas shipping may take 21-35 days.

When your problem has been resolved, we encourage you to update your status and leave feedback about your experience: