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How does group offer work?

Increase your chances of getting the best possible deal by making a group offer.

iOffer Group Offer

Search for what you want and hover over an item to reveal a "Similar Item" button (if similar items are available). Click it to view similar items from other sellers. Hover over each item to view seller feedback/ratings and select the items you want to make an offer on.

iOffer Group Offer Selection

Hover over the "Suggested Price" to view recently accepted and declined offers to get an estimate on how much you should offer. Enter your offer price and click "Send Offer".

iOffer Group Offer Enter Your Price

Sit back and wait until the first seller accepts your offer. Once an offer's accepted, the other offers are automatically withdrawn.

Alternatively, just make an offer like you normally would and we'll let you know if we find any similar items you may want to make a group offer on.