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What are the item listing feature enhancements?

For a small fee, the available featured listing options are:

  • Featured ($19.95) - Your item listing will be highlighted in grey and include the title 'featured item' on search results.
  • Outlined ($5.00) - Your item listing will be outlined in green on search results.
  • Boldfaced ($3.00) - Your item listing title will be bold on search results.

Feature enhancements are valid for 30 days.

It may take up to 24-48 hours for your item listings to appear on the homepage or category pages. iOffer will notify you when your feature enhancements are due to expire.

There are two ways to enhance your item listings:

  • Click on the Enhance Listing link next to the item listing under My iOffer > Selling > Current Inventory.
  • Click on the Enhance Listing button on the item detail page of the item listing you want to enhance.

Some feature enhancements are only available to established sellers, which may include placing a credit card on file or receiving an adequate amount of buyer feedback. If a feature enhancement is not clickable, you cannot enhance that item listing until you improve your seller status.