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How do I transfer my eBay items and feedback ratings?

To transfer your items from eBay™:

Go to My iOffer > Selling > Item Transfers.

Select an auction site and enter your user ID and password on that site. Click submit and your items will be transferred momentarily. All images and descriptions will be transferred with the items. An item will not be transferred if:

  • it's inactive, expired, sold out, or on vacation
  • it's been transferred from a previous attempt
  • it duplicates the title of a previously transferred item

To transfer your feedback rating from eBay™:

Go to My iOffer > Ratings > Rating Transfers.

Enter your eBay user ID and password. Click submit and your feedback rating will be transferred momentarily.


Note: Your user ID and password are only used to authenticate your account. They will not be saved or used in any other way.