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How do I upload multiple items in bulk using a .CSV file?

To list multiple items at once, you need to create and upload a comma separated values (.CSV) file with all your item information. Your items will be processed and available within 24 - 48 hours.

Use a spreadsheet application (i.e. Excel) to create a spreadsheet for your items. Each row represents one item and each column represents one category.

Download a sample .csv file (Right-click and "Save Link As")

The required category headers on the first row are:

  • category - ID number that specifies a category
  • title - item listing title (55 character limit)
  • price - asking price
  • shipping - shipping price within the United States
  • description - detailed item description (HTML supported)

The recommended category headers on the first row are:

  • quantity - quantity for sale (1 if left blank)
  • country_shipping - shipping charge per country. Example: US:5.00; GB:10.00; DE:15.00 Click here for a list of valid country codes.
  • brand - item brand (i.e. Sony, Apple, Microsoft)
  • condition - item condition (new, used, or refurbished)
  • product_type - type of product (i.e. camera, chair, video game)
  • image1 - hosted image URL
  • image2 - hosted image URL
  • image3 - hosted image URL
  • keyword1 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)
  • keyword2 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)
  • keyword3 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)
  • keyword4 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)

Note: The Bulk Uploader is case sensitive. Make sure your category headers are lower case and use an underscore for spaces.

When you save the file, name the file with a .csv extension and select Save as type: CSV (Comma Delimited).

When you're ready, upload and submit your .csv file. Make items immediately available is checked to automatically activate your items once they're processed. Check the Create new items only box to update existing items that have no buyer activity.