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Why can't I add my credit card?

Credit cards can only be used once on iOffer. When adding or paying with a credit card, make sure:

  • you entered all information exactly as it appears on your card
  • your credit card billing address matches your mailing address and login location
  • you entered the security code correctly
  • your card is not expired
  • you have not already used the card with another account

Address Verification System (AVS)

Certain items require you to add a credit card before you can list them. Whether you're adding a credit card on file or paying your account balance with a credit card, address verification system is required.

If your credit card did not go through, contact your bank or credit card provider to ensure that your credit card supports AVS. Otherwise, your items will not be listed.

Credit Card Verification

When adding a credit card, your credit card will also be charged a random amount between $0.01 - $2.00 (USD). Check your credit card statement for this amount and enter it on the verification page:

iOffer Credit Card Verification