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Why is my account restricted?

iOffer restrict accounts for various reasons, including misuse of our policies, suspicious or fraudulent activity, and general system abuse. One or more of the following can lead to account restrictions:

General misuse of our policies

  • All users must have valid contact information (mailing address, credit card information) on file
  • Multiple, repeated registrations after already being suspended
  • Member abuse of any kind
  • Purchasing your own items to boost your own ratings
  • Going around our system to avoid fees or using features in ways that are not intended
  • Spamming other members or sending unsolicited content
  • Listing items in the wrong categories
  • Violating our Listing Policy

Reasons for account restrictions

  • High unpaid balance - Sellers are required to maintain a minimal, consistent account balance to continue selling.
  • Shill Buying/Selling - Purchasing your own items to boost your ratings is strictly prohibited.
  • Buyer Dispute - Sellers must respond and resolve all disputes to continue selling.
  • COPS Suspension - COPS members are responsible for removing items for copyright or trademark infringement.
  • Contact Information - Posting any type of contact information in public areas of the site is strictly prohibited.
  • Spam - Posting irrelevant and multiples of the same comments in transactions and Want Ads.
  • Recent Unrated Transactions - Sellers are required to maintain a reputable selling history with positive ratings.
  • Poor Rating Percentage - Users cannot receive too many negative or Non-Paying Buyer ratings in a given time.
  • Fee Avoidance - Selling items off-site or at a very low price will result in administrative fines & account restrictions.
  • User Location - Users from "high fraud risk" areas aren't able to access certain parts of the site.
  • Too Many Accounts - Opening too many accounts without a legitimate reason. (Ex: Opening accounts to sell multiple types of items is a legitimate reason; opening accounts to buy items from different sellers is not)