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Why is my account restricted for recent unrated transactions?

To promote a safe trading community on iOffer, all new sellers are required to earn a reputable selling history. New sellers are required to receive positive ratings from buyers and maintain an adequate positive rating percentage.

If your account has been suspended for recent unrated transactions, your buyers will need to confirm that their items were received and provide positive ratings for you before you can continue selling again.

Encourage your buyers to give you a positive rating by contacting them on the item detail page and rating them positively:

Rate Your Buyers

If your buyers refuse or forget to give you a rating, please send us the following information:

  1. The tracking number and shipping carrier used to ship the item(s)
  2. The buyer's user ID and item number of the transaction

The restriction will ONLY be lifted after the tracking number and item delivery are confirmed. However, your account may be restricted again if there is an insufficient amount of positive ratings from buyers in your selling history.

To avoid this, please ensure that you resolve all disputes, provide tracking information, and rate your buyers for all transactions.