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What is iOffer's 2-way email relay

iOffer has implemented 2-way email relay to help provide secure communications, protect your privacy and prevent scams triggered via off-site messaging.

When sending or responding to message sent through our email relay, you'll see an address similar to:
seller123 on iOffer <>

Each transaction will have a unique email assigned to it that will last for a period of 60 days after the date of purchase. Use your email program as you normally would and iOffer will anonymize your email address.

How it works:

- Each purchase will have a unique email address assigned to it

- Replies to this email address are forwarded to the buyer/seller from an anonymous email address

- The anonymous address is deactivated after 45 days

PLEASE NOTE: The "Real Name" (eg. Jane Doe) in your email client and any information in the body of your message will be sent to the recipient. Do not include any personal information you otherwise do not want shared.

Buying and selling outside of iOffer is prohibited. If you received a request to cancel the transaction and complete your purchase off-site, please report by Emailing us Here