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FAQ - Item and Rating Transfers



How do I transfer my items and feedback rating?

Preview your transfer if you want to see the number of items and feedback rating that will be transferred.

Start a new transfer by selecting an auction site and entering your user ID and password on that site.

Note: Your password is only used to authenticate your account. It will not be saved.



Where can I transfer my items and feedback rating from?

You can transfer your item listings and ratings from eBay™.



Can I transfer my items and feedback rating to more than one account?

Unfortunately, each eBay account can only be linked to one iOffer account. This helps legitimize a member's reputation and credibility on iOffer.

If you have more than one account on other auction sites, you can create a second iOffer account with a different email address and credit card for those transfers.



Can I re-transfer my items to an existing or new account?

Sellers can only transfer their items to one iOffer account. If you decide to re-transfer your items, only newly listed active items will be re-transferred.

Note: DO NOT delete your existing item listings on iOffer before re-transferring your items, as items that have been previously transferred will not be transferred again.



Can I transfer feedback ratings from a closed eBay account?

Unfortunately, your eBay ratings can only be transferred if your account on eBay is still active.

If you want to close your eBay account, make sure you transfer your ratings to iOffer prior to your eBay account closure.



Which eBay affiliated sites can I transfer my items from?

Your items can only be transferred from the main eBay website:

We currently do not support item transfers from international eBay sites such as



Are my auctions or feedback rating affected on other sites?

No, your auctions and feedback rating on other sites will not be affected in any way.

Item transfers only copies your active items from other sites. Rating transfers lets you carry your selling reputation to iOffer and retain your store credibility.



Are images transferred with my item listings?

Yes. All titles, pictures, and descriptions (including HTML) are transferred with your item listings.

Additional pictures you paid to be posted on other sites will all be transferred with no additional costs as well. All images and descriptions in your original item listings should be visible when you view your item listings on iOffer.



How much does it cost to transfer my items and feedback rating?

Nothing, it is FREE to transfer your items and feedback rating. You do not need to pay anything to iOffer until your items sell.

Additional pictures you paid to be posted on other sites will all be transferred with no additional costs as well.



Can I choose which items to transfer to iOffer?

To help you get your store up and running immediately, only your active items will be transferred to iOffer.



What if my items are on vacation at another site?

If your items are on vacation at another site, they are considered inactive and will not be transferred. Make sure the items you want to transfer are active before starting a new transfer.



What happens if I have authentication issues?

If you are unable to authenticate your account after several attempts, please contact customer service for further assistance, along with any error messages that our system is giving you when you attempted to authenticate your account.



Why didn't all of my items transfer?

There may be a disparity between the number of items transferred and the actual number of items on the auction site. An item will not be transferred if:

  1. it duplicates the title of a previously transferred item
  2. it's inactive, expired, sold out, or on vacation
  3. it was already transferred from a previous attempt



What happens if my item(s) are sold on another site?

After transferring your items to iOffer, items will not be automatically removed from your current inventory if they sell out on another site, and vice versa.

Please manually end the item listing by clicking on the End button in your Current Inventory.