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FAQ - Bulk Uploader



What is the Bulk Uploader?

The Bulk Uploader lets you upload multiple items at once using a comma separated values (.CSV) file.



How do I start using the Bulk Uploader?

In order to use the Bulk Uploader, a seller account is required.

Once you have a seller account, create and upload a .CSV file with the information for your items. The Bulk Uploader reads the file and creates item listings according to the information in the file.



What is a .CSV file?

A comma separated values (.CSV) file is a specially formatted spreadsheet file created in applications like Excel. It is often used to transfer a large volume of data, containing multiple records and fields separated by commas.

In your .CSV file, the first row is reserved for category headers (i.e. Title, Description, Price). Starting with the second row, each row represents an item and each column represents a category.

Download a sample .CSV file (Right-click on the link and choose "Save Link As")

Bulk Upload



What are the rules for a .CSV file?

If you're using a standard spreadsheet application like Excel, the formatting rules will be set. You only need to save it as a .CSV file.

If you're using a text editor that doesn't format automatically, you need to follow these rules:

  1. All fields for each item must be separated by commas.
  2. If you have commas within a field, you need to separate that field with double quotes (i.e. One,Two,"Three,Four,Five",Six).
  3. If you don't have any commas in a field, double quotes is not necessary.
  4. If there are quotes within a field, the entire field needs to be quoted. An extra set of quotes for the quoted data is required also (i.e. A,B,"C ""Special Edition""",D).
  5. If you leave a field blank, make sure there is an extra comma as a placeholder (i.e. 1,2,,4).
  6. Remember, each item must be on their own line.



What are the required category headers in my .CSV file?

The following category headers are required on the first row:

  • category - category ID number that specifics the category on iOffer
  • title - descriptive item listing title (55 character limit)
  • price - asking price per item
  • shipping - default shipping cost for all countries (You may specify per-country shipping charges using the country_shipping header)
  • description - detailed item description

NOTE: The Bulk Uploader is case sensitive. Make sure your category headers are lower case and use an underscore for spaces.



What are the recommended category headers in my .CSV file?

  • quantity - quantity of the item for sale (single quantity if left blank)
  • country_shipping - shipping charge per country. Example: US:5.00; GB:10.00; DE:15.00 Click here for a list of valid country codes.
  • brand - item brand (i.e. Sony, Apple, Microsoft)
  • condition - item condition (new, used, or refurbished)
  • product_type - type of product (i.e. camera, chair, video game)
  • image1 - hosted image URL of the first image
  • image2 - hosted image URL of the second image
  • image3 - hosted image URL of the third image
  • keyword1 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)
  • keyword2 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)
  • keyword3 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)
  • keyword4 - item-related keyword (2 words maximum)

NOTE: The Bulk Uploader is case sensitive. Make sure your category headers are lower case and use an underscore for spaces.



How do I find the category ID for each item?

In order for the Bulk Uploader to know where to list each of your items, you need to provide a Category ID that corresponds to that category. For example, the Category ID for Women's Clothing and Accessories is 127000.

Search for the correct Category ID



How do I add images in my bulk upload file?

Images can be added to your bulk upload, but they must be hosted on another web server.

To add images to your item listings in your .CSV file, use the image category headers (image1, image2, image3) and add the hosted image URLs in those fields.



How do I save my file as a .CSV file?

After your spreadsheet is complete, follow the instructions below to save it as a .CSV file:

  1. Click File and select Save As.
  2. In the Save as type pull-down menu, select CSV (Comma Delimited).
  3. Enter a file name and click Save. Make sure you remember where the file is saved.
  4. A pop up message like this may appear: The selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple spreadsheets. Click OK.

To minimize errors, open the file in a plain-text reading program like Notepad or TextEdit. Double check your file and make sure there are no extra quotes or commas, other than between fields. Make sure category headers are lower case.



How do I upload my .CSV file?

The Bulk Uploader is located under My iOffer > Selling > Bulk Uploads.

  1. Click Upload File.
  2. Click Browse to locate your .CSV file.
  3. Check Make items available immediately to automatically activate your items after they're processed.
  4. Check Create new items only to update existing items with no buyer activity.
  5. Submit the file.

You don't need to remain on the page for the system to process your items. Check back periodically to view the file progress.



Why is my bulk upload taking so long?

Depending on the number of bulk upload requests processed each day, there can be a delay in your bulk upload. Rest assured that your bulk upload file will be fully committed in 24 - 48 hours.



How do I avoid common mistakes using the Bulk Uploader?

One common mistake in bulk uploads is the use of duplicate titles.

Please use different titles to list your items. If you have identical item, update its quantity field.