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IMPORTANT - Item Listing Changes

Making it fast and easy for buyers to find what they're looking for is iOffer's main goal. The following features have been added to provide a consistent and easy buying experience, giving buyers more relevant search results with accurate pricing and ensure that the item detail page function properly:

  • Customizable item specifics


  • Text-only item description

    - HTML will no longer be supported on the item listing page for new items

  • Country-based shipping

    - Shipping profiles are removed to simplify shipping costs to different countries

    - Items with Calculated Shipping are replaced with See Description until their shipping prices are updated

    - Items with See Description or Fixed Price shipping will remain the same

    -Item specifics and country-specific shipping can also be added via Bulk Uploads


  • Coming Soon: Store policy shown on each of your item listings
  • Coming Soon: Watermarked images hosted by iOffer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are eBay transferred items affected?

No, new and current item listings transferred from eBay will not be affected. HTML is still supported for transferred items, but we highly recommend you to use a text-only item description to ensure full functionality of your item detail pages.

Are bulk upload items affected?

Yes, all new bulk upload items will follow this policy, with a text-only item description and no HTML.

A new column for country-based shipping is added for you to set shipping for each of your items.

Do I need to update my current listings?

No, current listings will not be affected by this change and will remain the same. Only new item listings will follow this policy.

However, we may flag your current item listings if they violate any of our listing policies.

How will this benefit me?

A clearly specified item listing is the best way to reduce buyer confusion, increase customer satisfaction, and avoid disputes. By listing more items individually, you will have more items in your store and in search results, getting more buyer visits and more sales!