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Stripe Checkout Option Extended to 31 Countries

Posted: September 5, 2019

iOffer has updated the Stripe integration. Stripe offers instant credit card payments worldwide and industry leading fraud protection. Definitely consider Stripe for checkout if it is available in your region. Click here for more information on adding it to your iOffer payment preferences

Who can sign up for stripe?

In order to accept payments with Stripe, you or your business must be based in one of the countries Stripe supports. As of September 5, 2019, iOffer supports Stripe integration in the following countries:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Stipe is also available in open beta for businesses in the other countries. For more information, see:

1% Fees all September 2019 + New lower flat fee on all sales year-round

Posted: August 31, 2019

For a limited time, pay only 1% on all sales - in any category, no minimum!

Discount ends September 30th, 2019


Fees applied to the total amount of the sale - including the cost of the item + shipping

One more thing ...

Starting October 1, 2019 we're lowering our fees year-round

5% Final Value Fee on all sales

-No minimum
-No listing fees
-All items & categories

Our updated Fees & Credit Policy will take effect on October 1, 2019 for all users

Thanks for posting with us!

A note about our Item Listing Review Policy

Posted: August 31, 2019
iOffer is committed to ensuring the legal compliance of your listings and respecting the rights of intellectual property holders. In advancing those goals, iOffer may review items posted to your store, and remove items that it believes are in violation of our listing and prohibited items policy.

Based on our policy, iOffer listings are subject to review and approval prior to being listed on the site.

All new item listings are held for review for 72 hours by our risk control team prior to being restored/indexed. This includes individual item listings, bulk uploads and item transfers.

For more information, see the Item Review FAQ
Thank you for your assistance!

Privacy Policy Updates

Posted: September 26, 2016

We have revised Paragraph 13 of our Privacy Policy on Monday, September 26, 2016. Please visit our Privacy Policy to view the changes.

A reminder about Prohibited Listings

A reminder that the following items are prohibited on iOffer: Pornographic materials and adult products; Firearms, ammunition and weapons, including brass knuckles, stun guns, and knives; Prescription Drugs and Devices; Drug Paraphernalia; Nicotine and liquids for use in electronic cigarettes; Police related items, including batons and handcuffs; Government issued IDs; and any material deemed Ethically or Racially offensive.

Please immediately remove any listing(s) which contain the above prohibited items. Failure to do so may result account suspension. 

Also, as of September 2016, the following items categories are no longer supported:  Collectibles > Knives, Swords & Blades; Mature Audiences.

Click here to review our entire Listing Policy.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Privacy Policy Updates

Posted: September 13, 2016

We have revised Paragraph 13 of our Privacy Policy on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Please visit our Privacy Policy to view the changes.


Privacy Policy Updates

Posted: August 25, 2016

We will be updating our Privacy Policy on Friday, August 26, 2016. Please visit our Privacy Policy to view the changes.


User Agreement Update 

Posted: August 1, 2016

We have updated our User Agreement. Click here to view the changes.


User Agreement Update 

Posted November 8, 2013

We have updated our User Agreement. Please click here to view the changes.


iOffer now accepts Bitcoin for seller account balances

Posted May 13, 2013

We’re excited to announce that iOffer now accepts Bitcoins for seller account balances. Bitcoin is a digital currency that offers instant peer-to-peer payments — worldwide. 

If you already have a Bitcoin Wallet, you’re ready to go -- click here for more informaion on selecting Bitcoin as your prefered payment method. If you’re new to Bitcoin, and would like to learn more, visit the Bitcoin project for further information.

In addition to Bitcoin, we still offer a number of great payment options, including all major credit cards, Alipay (where available), and Google Wallet.


Spring into the New Item Detail: Bigger, Bolder, Better

Posted April 19, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a bigger picture viewer tells you everything you need to know about the item you're interested in.

iOffer Item Detail

Along with a bold Buy Now price and revamped Make Offer page that gives you a suggested offer price, there's no need to question what you should do next. If you want an even better deal, make a group offer to let sellers compete for your business!

iOffer - Make Offer Suggested Price

Still need more time to decide? Add the item to your shopping cart, ask the seller some final questions, or share it on your favorite social network to see what your friends think.

With these new improvements, you're bound to have a better buying experience.


Privacy Policy Updates

Posted April 15, 2012

We will be updating our Privacy Policy on Monday, April 16, 2012. Please visit our Privacy Policy to view the changes.


Group Offers

Posted April 4, 2012

Want the best deal and get the biggest discount? Make a group offer to multiple sellers so they can compete for your business.

iOffer - Group Offer

Search for what you want and hover over an item to reveal a "Similar Item" button (if similar items are available). Alternatively, just make an offer like you normally would and we'll let you know if we find any similar items you may want to make a group offer on.

The first seller to accept your offer wins your business, so you're bound to get a quick response and a great deal!

Learn more about group offers


Updates to User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Posted January 10, 2012

The following polices were updated on January 6, 2012: User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

We periodically update our User Agreement and Privacy Policy to ensure our users understand their rights and responsibilities when using iOffer.

We encourage users to read both revised agreements. iOffer customer service is happy to answer any questions regarding our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


It's all about the details...item details

Posted November 18, 2011

We've given item detail pages a fresh look. More white space and bigger images offer a better view of what you’re buying. Hover over the thumbnails for multiple views and click on an image to zoom in.

iOffer - Item Detail

Buyers — it's important to get to know the seller before you commit to your purchase. To help you out, we added more info to the seller information section including: accepted payments, shipping, and feedback summary.

iOffer - Seller Details

Looking for feedback details? Check the revamped “Recent Activity” for rating, questions, offers and reviews from buyers near you.

iOffer - Recent Activity

Looking for the best deal but need an idea of how much to offer? It’s right in front of you!

iOffer - Deal Finder

The new “Make Offer” section highlights recent offers and points you to the lowest price accepted for this item. Look for the green dart and you’ll find the best deal.

To compliment updated item listings, we've also refreshed search and store pages.

Questions or comments? Let us know in the suggestion box.


AlertPay is here – the simple, safe, fast way to pay!

Posted August 15, 2011

iOffer AlertPayAlertPay, iOffer's newest low-fee, worldwide payment alternative, is an all-in-one payment solution with comprehensive buying and selling security features. Open an account today and see how easy it is to securely send and receive money via any credit card or bank account.

Buyers, here are some helpful AlertPay links to check out: FAQ/Support Center, Buyer Protection Policy, & official YouTube channel (complete with helpful setup tutorials!). Seller's-- looking for a change? Here are just a few reasons to switch to AlertPay.

For your eyes only - Private Transactions

Posted July 1, 2011

Planning a surprise for someone special? Don’t want the world to know you bought a vintage Spice Girls poster? iOffer’s got you covered with private transactions. Making a transaction private is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Navigate to your ratings page ( ID)
  2. Hover over a transaction
  3. Click "Make Private"

Private Transactions

You’ll know it’s private when the grey lock appears. If you change your mind, just repeat the steps and make the transaction public again.


Cleaner Storefronts

Posted June 10, 2011

Buyers -- it's important to understand your sellers before committing to a purchase. That's why we've added detailed seller information,  item-based feedback ratings, and advanced store filters to help you make your final decision.

Detailed Seller Information

Seller Information

As our way of reminding you to buy from a credible, dependable seller, you can now see how long the seller's been selling on iOffer, how many items the seller has sold, the countries the seller ships to, the payment methods the seller accepts, and the seller's overall feedback rating percentage.

Item-Based Seller Ratings

Seller Ratings

On the fence about an item? View the seller's ratings to read comments and feedback from other buyers who have previously bought the item.

Updated Seller Store with Advanced Filters

Seller Store

If you like our search and browse features on the site, you'll love the same features in the seller store. Store categories on the left include main item categories, seller's custom categories, and categories generated from item keywords.

Looking to spend a specific amount? Click on any price range to view items only in that price range.

Quick Links

Just to make your lives even more easier, look for the "Quick Links" in the store and ratings page to view the seller's newest items, to see the seller's rating map with transaction statistics and international sales, and to ask the seller a question or go back to the item you were just looking at.

Remember -- in addition to these improvements to boost your buyer confidence, you should also review our Buyer Safety Guide before buying an item. Any other comments? Let us know in the suggestion box.


mPayy no longer supported

Posted May 23, 2011

mPayyEffective immediately, mPayy is no longer a supported payment service provider on iOffer.

Buyers -- please use an alternative payment method for your purchases. Sellers -- please update your accepted payment methods and note that mPayy is no longer accepted for monthly account balance payments.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Deferred Final Value Fees (FVF) for Guest Purchases

Posted May 13, 2011

Sellers -- iOffer's been listening to your suggestions and we're happy to announce deferred final value fees for guest buyers -- the first in a series of enhancements to improve your selling experience.

When a guest buyer makes a purchase in your store, you'll see a "Pending" transaction status in your account summary and you won’t be charged until the buyer initiates the checkout process. That’s right, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Pending Transaction

We’re giving guest buyers seven (7) days to complete their purchase. If the buyer fails to choose a payment method and pay within 7 days, we’ll automatically cancel the transaction and give the buyer a Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) rating — taking the burden off of you.

We're also adding a payment reminder button on the negotiations sidebar so you can send one final reminder to the buyer prior to the transaction cancellation.

Click here for more information about pending transactions


It's all in the details!

Posted April 27, 2011

We've given the item detail page a fresh look with these new features to boost your buyer confidence:

Bigger images, clear action buttons - Hover over the picture to magnify its details. Prices and seller information are shown clearly, so there's no need to figure out what you can do.

Item Detail

Recent activity relevant to you - Looking for feedback details? Wondering if the seller ships to you? Check the revamped "Recent Activity" for user reviews from your area.

Recent Activity

Questions and negotiations - View transactions from other buyers in its entirety, no matter which step of the negotiation process is taking place.

Questions & Negotiations

How do you like the new item detail page? Let us know in the suggestion box.


Buying just got better!

Posted April 21, 2011

We've improved your buying experience with slick, redesigned "Make Offer", "Buy Now", and checkout pages.

To ensure that you experience all of the new features to the full extent, we strongly suggest you to upgrade your internet browser to the latest version (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome).

"Buy Now" and "Make Offer" - View recently accepted offers to get the best deal on the items you want.

Buy Now/Make Offer

Purchase Summary - Whether you're accepting an offer, requesting a tracking number, or contacting the seller, all the essential tools you need are right at your fingertips.

Purchase Summary

Comments or suggestions on the new look? Let us know in the suggestion box.


Monthly Account Invoice Changes

Posted January 12, 2011

Beginning Saturday, January 15, 2011, monthly account invoices will be sent on the "day" of your account registration.

For example, if your account was opened on the 12th, you will receive your invoice on the 12th of every month. If your account was opened on the 31st, you will receive your invoice on the last day of every month.

Click here for more information regarding this change.


iOffer Helpdesk

Posted December 17, 2010

To better improve iOffer's customer service system, we have transitioned the customer service interface to iOffer Helpdesk at:

iOffer Helpdesk

The old customer service link under My iOffer > Messages > Customer Service will be disabled. Instead, newly submitted customer service tickets will appear in Helpdesk, where you can log in with your iOffer username and password to receive assistance from one of our representatives.

After logging in with your iOffer username and password, click on the Check Your Existing Tickets tab at the top of the page to view the status of your open tickets.

In addition to general FAQs about buying and selling, the Help Resources section includes a "Community Help" forum for the iOffer community to help each other with common issues, and a "Known Issues" feed to keep you informed of any ongoing site issues.