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Browse All Categories - View all iOffer categories.

Open Negotiations - Items you're currently negotiating on.

Items Bought - Items that you have bought.

Shopping Carts - View items in your shopping cart. Purchase items from a seller store (bundle offer) or create a group offer.

My Watchlist - View items manually added to your watchlist and items you've asked a question or made an offer on.

Buyer Help - Basic buying tips on iOffer.

Buyer Safety Guide - Security features, safety tips, and online fraud resources for buyers.

Buying FAQ - Frequently asked questions about buying-related topics.

iOffer Scam and Fraud Prevention - Tips for avoiding scams and fraudulent transactions.





List an Item - Use the simple listing form to create a new item listing.

Item Transfer - Transfer your items to iOffer from other sites. Preview Your Transfer

Rating Transfer - Transfer your eBay™ rating to iOffer.

Item & Rating Transfer FAQ - Frequently asked questions about item and rating transfers.

Bulk Uploads - List multiple items at once by uploading a .CSV spreadsheet file.

Bulk Uploader FAQ - Frequently asked questions about uploading multiple items.

Current Inventory - View items in your store inventory. Enhance, edit, or end your items here.

Seller Promotional Tools - Tools to promote your items, store, and profile.

Featured Listing Enhancements - Purchase one of the premium listing options to enhance your item listings: homepage featured, category featured, highlight, and bold.

Items Sold - View items you have sold.

Ended Items - View items ended in your store inventory. Relist or delete the items here.

Selling Preferences - Update your payment methods, shipping profiles, vacation setting, buyer restrictions, checkout message, swap, and invoice options.

Edit Store Theme - Edit your store layout and themes.

Edit Store Content - Edit your store name & description, welcome message, store policies, shipping & sales tax information.

Buyer Alerts - View your buyer alerts. Edit, disable, or delete them here.

Seller Help - Basic selling tips on iOffer.

Selling Comparison - See how much money you save as an iOffer seller.

Seller Safety Guide - Security features, safety tips, and online fraud resources for sellers.

Listing Policy - Learn to properly list items on iOffer and view a list of prohibited items.

Fees and Credits Policy - Review seller fees and costs. Read Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) credit information.

Selling FAQ - Frequently asked questions about selling-related topics.



 Want Ads


Post a New Want Ad - Post a Want Ad if you can't find what you're looking for.

My Want Ads - View your current want ads.

New Want Ads - View new Want Ads that buyers just posted.

Want Ads FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Want Ads.





Rate Others - Users you need to rate after completed transactions.

Rated Users - View users you've rated in past transactions.

Rating Transfer - Transfer your eBay™ rating to iOffer.





Buyer Payment Guide - Using secure payment methods to make purchases on iOffer.

Seller Payment Guide - Accepting multiple secure payment options on iOffer.

Amazon Payments - Tutorial to help you set up and accept payments via Amazon Payments.



 My Account


Message Inbox - View messages related to your account activities.

Account Summary - View your transactions, invoices, and account balance.

Edit Personal Info - Update your name, email address, mailing address, and location.

Change Password - Change your current password.

Notification Settings - Receive alerts via cell phone or instant messenger. List items and upload pictures through your cell phone.

Payment Options - Update and verify your credit card information.

Upgrade to Seller Account - If you haven't done so, place a credit card on file to sell in certain categories.

Make Payment - Make a one-time payment for account balances or to upgrade to a seller account.

iOffer Invoices - View your past iOffer invoices.

Dispute Seller Charge - Submit a credit dispute request if you feel there is an account balance error. Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) credit requests should be submitted through the Items Sold page.

General FAQ - Frequently asked questions about registration and account issues.