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iOffer - Search, Negotiate, Buy

iOffer is an online platform for buyers to purchase items from sellers. If you're interested in an item, contact the seller on the item detail page. Always check the seller's ratings and transaction history before committing to a purchase.

iOffer Item Detail

- Buy Now to checkout immediately.
- Make Offer to negotiate with the seller.
- Make one offer to multiple sellers to get the best deal. (Group Offer)
- Ask the Seller a Question for more information about the item.
- Add to Cart to add the item to your shopping cart.
- Post a Want Ad if you can't find an item. We'll email you when a seller has it for sale.


Sellers are responsible for receiving payments, so payment options may vary. Contact the seller on the item detail page for payment details.

For your safety, NEVER pay with Western Union or direct bank transfer and ALWAYS pay through an iOffer invoice.

Buyer Payment Guide

Tracking Your Purchase

Sellers are responsible for shipping items. Click the Request Tracking Number button on the transaction summary to request shipping information from the seller.

iOffer - Request Tracking Number

Contact the seller if you received a tracking number but aren't sure which shipping company was used. If you received a EMS tracking number, track your purchase through USPS once the item enters the United States.

Feedback Ratings

Don't forget to rate your purchases to help build your seller's reputation and help prospective buyers make informed buying decisions.

iOffer - Rate Your Purchases