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Seller Help

Before you start selling on iOffer, please make sure you have a seller account. Upgrade to a Seller Account.

iOffer - List an Item, Transfer Items, Bulk Upload

List a Single Item - List your item one at a time. Just choose a category, add a title, description, price, and picture.

Transfer Your Items - Transfer your items/rating from other sites to continue selling immediately.

Bulk Upload - Too many items to list? Upload them with a .CSV file.

Shipping Options

Shipping prices are required in your item listings so buyers know exactly how much they need to pay to get their item(s). As a seller, you should first set up your shipping options:

iOffer Shipping Options

US Shipping - Only one shipping price is required.

US & Canada Shipping - A shipping price to both the United States and Canada is required.

International Shipping - A shipping price for the United States & worldwide shipping is required. Shipping prices to individual countries are optional.

Buyer Invoices

By default, invoices are automatically sent to buyers so they can pay you immediately. However, you can update your invoice options if you prefer to send invoices manually.

iOffer Invoice Options

Receiving Payments & Shipping Items

Sellers are responsible for their items, receiving payments, and shipping items. Set up one or more payment accounts to give more payment options to your buyers with our preferred payment methods.

When shipping items, make sure you choose a reliable shipping carrier and provide tracking numbers to your buyers.

Feedback Ratings

Rate your buyers to encourage them to give you feedback on their purchases and help build your selling reputation.

iOffer - Rate Your Buyers

Final Value Fees

After your items are sold, you're charged a final value fee based on the total transaction price.

If you did not receive payment from your buyers, file a Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) rating to get your final value fees credited. If there's an error in your account summary, file a seller charge dispute for further assistance.