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I want to place an order - How do I buy something?

What happens when I make a purchase on iOffer?

PLEASE NOTE: iOffer is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. We provide storefronts (the platform), but we do not handle orders - third-party sellers are responsible for their inventory, sales and shipping.

1. Search - purchase items by clicking "Buy Now" or "Make an Offer"
2. You pay the seller directly and provide payment confirmation
3. iOffer provides the seller your order and payment information
4. The seller confirms your payment
5. The seller ships directly to you


Who do I pay when I make a purchase on iOffer?

You pay the seller directly using a payment processor of their choosing. The seller is an individual/business that is not associated with iOffer, we do not collect your money. More info:


I can’t complete payment - what do I do?

The seller might not have his/her payment preferences set up. Be patient - you will receive payment instructions within 48 hours. Alternately, you can request payment information from the seller by contacting them directly on the order summary page. More info:


How does shipping work?

Sellers ship directly to you using various carriers. The seller may use a domestic carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx) or international carrier (EMS/ChinaPost, DHL) depending on their location. More info:


I have a problem with my order - can I get my money back?

Follow the 2 steps below to request a refund.

Step 1 – Contact the seller directly ( to attempt to resolve problems with your order, including shipping, refunds, exchanges or any other issues.

Step 2 - File a dispute with your payment processor to request a refund. This should be done concurrently with Step 1. You can always cancel the dispute with your payment provider should the seller provide a timely resolution to your problem. More info:

More info on iOffer and making a purchase: