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My order was cancelled by mistake - How do I reverse a cancellation?

A seller can cancel an order for various reasons, including non-payment, duplicate orders, out-of-stock items, and following refunds.

If a seller accidentally or improperly cancels an order, you can reverse it by clicking "Order cancelled unexpectedly?" on the Order Summary:

This will reopen the order to its previous status:

Please note that cancellations do not guarantee a refund. If the seller has failed to provide a refund as promised, you can report the seller and reopen the order by clicking "Report non-refunded payment":

If a seller filed a cancellation for non-payment, you have 48 hours to respond before a non-paying buyer rating is given and your order is cancelled. If your order was cancelled for non-payment, but you have completed payment, you can reopen your order by clicking the "Mark paid" button. Please see How do I remove a Non-Paying Buyer rating form more information.

NOTE: Beware of sellers who intend to fulfill your order, but insist on canceling on iOffer. This is against iOffer policy. Report this seller immediately if your order is still in progress.