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STRIPE - accept credit card payments from buyers worldwide

How it works:

1. Sign up for a Stripe account: (See “Who can sign up for stripe?” for eligibility in your region)

2. Connect your iOffer store from your preferred payments page (

3. Manage your orders. iOffer provides storefronts, but you are responsible for sales, shipping and refunds. You’ll need to handle all customer service issues, including chargebacks. If a refund is made to a buyer, we’re happy to adjust your account balance. More info:

4. You are responsible for paying the Stripe fees. Stripe charges 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge, or less based on volume. More info:

5. In addition to Stripe fees, iOffer charges a flat 8.5% final value fee, automatically deducted upon payment

Who can sign up for stripe?

In order to accept payments with Stripe, you or your business must be based in one of the countries Stripe supports. As of September 5, 2019, iOffer supports Stripe integration in the following countries:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Stipe is also available in open beta for businesses in the other countries. For more information, see:

Why should you consider Stripe?

1. Accept payments instantly from anyone, anywhere: Stripe currently supports businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and many European countries.

2. Active fraud protection: Stripe actively works to protect your business from fraudulent charges and monitors suspicious transactions.

Visit your iOffer account preferences to connect with Stripe: 

In order to process payments, Stripe requires that you provide a working URL. You must update the Business Website URL in your STRIPE dashboard ( with your iOffer store (




  • Avatar
    Hanna Friedman

    I am having the same problem as everyone else. Some items I can pay for and complete the purchase. Others I cannot complete the Credit card payment. This is very frustrating and I don't want the sellers to give me a NEGATIVE or NO PAYMENT rating. The problem is on your end (Ioffer) please fix this bug so that I can complete my purchases!! You're losing a lot of money if you don't!!!

  • Avatar
    Foday Kabba

    I am having this same issue, i tried to make payment today several times with my credit card all was not accepted, can you please fix it Ioffer!! Really frustating...

  • Avatar
    Tracy Middleton

    I agree with you all 100% I've tried to place at least 56 orders in the last couple of months It let ONE GO thru out of the 56. The ones that are getting hurt the most are the ones trying to sale their products. i sent a email or service problem begging ioffer to help in this matter.

  • Avatar
    Patricia Watson

    Tried NINETEEN times to pay for my orders with 3 different credit cards - declining everytime!! So frustrating!! No one is helping to fix the bug on this site!!

  • Avatar
    Jiyeon McNutt

    Same problem as everyone else.I can't pay with my credit card all was not accepted.

  • Avatar
    Cesar Diaz

    Same issue here !!! cannot make payment with different cards VISA MC or JCB...all fail !! different banks and tried with relatives and friend cards as well...same issues !!!!!!
    I believe we need to report iOffer to the authorities and have them shut down.....they are not providing the service as stated either for the buyer who loses the ability to purchase and the sellers who lose the customers and revenue !!!
    We need to shut iOffer down.....I think perhaps they are abandoning this site and that is why they do not answer or fix anything !!!!

  • Avatar
    Tina Lopez

    Same problem bought about 10 items then card kepted getting declined bank said my card was good

  • Avatar
    J Ccish

    I don’t understand why I can withdraw my money into my bank ??

  • Avatar

    Same problem gave me a headache.

  • Avatar
    Karen Cochrane

    Cards still not being accepted !!!

  • Avatar
    wendy rubner

    Card is always declined

  • Avatar
    Natalia Chodkiewicz

    My payment are declined few times with three different cards, i have outstanding orders to pay. Somebody can tell me whats going on ?

  • Avatar
    Elvir Seferi

    I'M from Sweden and there is problem with the payment. I can not pay. Tried from computer, phone and tablet. Tried with different cards but it doesn't work. So ioffer has to fix this. Sorry for THE Sellers because they are loosing money.

  • Avatar
    Ana Sanchez

    Same problem here
    . i use 3 diferents carts and no one went throw .. Is so frustrating ..any one knows how can o do it ? Im planing to open another account but im worried cuse i will use the same carts 😁 ..

  • Avatar
    April Logan

    Can not pay for order on credit card.It is just unbelievable after all this time that IOffer still has not fixed this problem. I can only imagine how much money the sellers must be missing out on. Shame on IOffer

  • Avatar
    Grace Gao

    hello, we want to restore our online it possible?

  • Avatar
    Alma Ivanova

    why credit card does not pay for the goods

  • Avatar
    Alma Ivanova

    why credit card does not pay for the goods

  • Avatar
    noel raineri

    j ai le même soucis impossible de régler ma commande.comment faire?

  • Avatar
    Elisa Pion

    All my cards keep declining when there is money on them. Keeps saying to re enter them and still declining.

  • Avatar
    Oguzhan Erdogan

    Hello ı cant verify my accounr
    Please explain me

  • Avatar
    mazeghrane linda

    ma carte passe pas

  • Avatar
    Yasmine Boukhoudmi

    I've beem trying over and over again to make a payment with the same card I use on iOffer all the time which is a VISA but i get the same message everytime, that my card has been declined and to try to use another credit card. I've looking throughout all the net and there's no answer. I don't know if iOffer blocked my card or something but I called my bank and it's all good on my side, so there's gotta be an issue with iOffer.

  • Avatar
    olivier delvincourt

    your system doesn,t accept my 2 visa card (i hadn't any problem with the other webside). I'am living in France
    so I can't pay for my buyings.

  • Avatar
    Yasmine Boukhoudmi

    Apparently, a lot encounter the same issue. I don't know if it the website has a problem with VISA, but I contacted them almost 3 days ago but still no answer. I desperatly tried to find an answer on the web and no one has a clue to why their card is being refused. If anyone has an answer or a solution it will be helpful!

  • Avatar
    Yasmine Boukhoudmi

    So guys to anyone who has their cards declined at the checkout, I finally got an answer from iOffer. They are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. They don't know how long it will take. They also said that this issue is affecting specific payment processors while others are working properly (which in my opinion is not true because i tried with 15 different sellers and still the same issue) So guys it is definetly not your cards, it's the website that has a massive bug right now and I don't even know if they know how to fix it.

  • Avatar
    Stéphane Cid

    I do not arrive at scheter with my blue card

  • Avatar
    victoria restrepo

    nothing work always declined

  • Avatar
    Riadi Salim

    I had a problem when paying with my visa card I do not know how to solve help me please

  • Avatar
    aiete khadraoui

    bonjour je n'arrive pas a payer avec mes carte visa plus aucun vendeur ne l'accepte ils acceptent que la mastercard il faut trouver une solution