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Foreign transaction fees - Why was my Credit Card charged more than the Order price?

iOffer connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Depending on your location, you may be ordering a product internationally. 

Your Credit Card may be charged a different amount based on foreign exchange ratesforeign transaction fees and/or foreign bank processing fees.

These charges are collected by your credit card issuer, not  by iOffer or our third-party sellers.

1. What is a foreign exchange rate?

A foreign exchange rate is the rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another. An exchange rate will change whenever the values of either of the two currencies change.

2. What is a foreign transaction fee?

When you use your credit card internationally your credit card issuer may add a foreign transaction fee.

Foreign transaction fees for US* card issuers. Please note that many of the issuers listed below waive foreign transaction fees on certain cards, but unless this is specifically stated, assume that the fee schedule below applies.

Issuer/Foreign Transaction Fee

Air Force Federal Credit Union/1%

American Express/2.7%

Bank of America/3% (Visa/MC), 1% (American Express)



Capital One/0%



Citizens Bank/2.9%

Comerica Bank/3%

Commerce Bank/1% of transactions in USD; 2% of transactions in other currencies


Heartland Bank/1%


Fidelity/1% (American Express) 3% (Visa)

Fifth Third Bank/3%

First National Omaha Bank/3%

Horizon Bank/3%


Navy Federa/l1%


Pentagon Federal Credit Union/0%


Simmons Bank/3%

Santander Bank (formerly Sovereign)/3%

State Farm/1%

US Bank/3%


Wells Fargo/3%

Zion’s Bank/3%

*Please note that these rates apply to US-only cards. Contact your regional credit card issuer for applicable fees. 

3. What are foreign bank processing fees? In addition to the above, foreign bank processing fees may also apply. By clicking the "Complete Purchase" button during checkout, you agree and accept the terms and conditions of iOffer's User Agreement.