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How do I add or upgrade to "Login and Pay with Amazon" (Amazon Payments)

iOffer has transitioned to Amazon’s new payment solution: Login and Pay with Amazon

In order to use Amazon Payments at checkout, please visit your iOffer payment preferences and follow these steps (Please complete ALL 6 STEPS - Failure to do so will result in checkout errors):

1. Delete current Amazon Payments info (if any) by clicking “Remove”:

2. Click “Link your Amazon merchant account with iOffer” (you will be redirected to Amazon):

3. Create or Sign Into your Amazon Seller Account and complete your “Login with Amazon” profile (account info/credit card/phone verification):

4. Associate your Amazon Seller Account with iOffer (note the settings for Application Name, Application Description, Privacy Notice URL, and Allowed login domains):

Application Name: iOffer
Application Description: YOUR iOffer Store Name
Privacy Notice URL:
Allowed login domains:

5. Click "Return to iOffer". After verification, Amazon will give us your credentials and automatically update your preferences:

6. Return to your Amazon Seller Central, select "Login with Amazon" from the drop-down in the upper right and complete the following "Web Settings":

Allowed JavaScript Origins:
Allowed Return URLs:

Your Amazon Merchant account is now linked to your iOffer store (payment preferences):


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    Will Cleavelin

    I followed all the instructions to link my amazon acct. to iOffer, the iOffer site said it was successful, but then I got an email from Amazon saying the setup wasn't complete and that I needed to follow some sort of registration link here on the iOffer site. According to your site, I'm set to go, but a buyer just told me that there's no Amazon option at checkout. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Fabe Medina

    I am in the same boat, ioffer keeps sending me instructions on how to set up, but I already did and its not redirecting buyers to the amazon site ,I even sent ioffer a screenshot, but it seems its an automatic responce system ,no humans to read and comprehend

    in my payments I accept it says amazon linked to ioffer but its on the bottom of the screen underneath the stripe option and under the catagory to be added, but theres no way I can add ( no add button)

    only my monsyorder option exists to buyers now, I will probably have to close my account if this keeps going on

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    Will Cleavelin

    Has anyone had success with this so far? I just transitioned to the new Amazon Payments system, and transactions were working just fine until now. Is there any way to contact the iOffer staff about this?