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How to upload your Wish inventory / Transfer from Wish to iOffer using the Wish transfer tool

Follow these steps to easily upload your Wish inventory to iOffer:

1. Log into your Wish Merchant account and visit the products page

2. Use the "Download All" button to export your inventory as .csv (you'll receive an email from Wish titled "Your Products Download Is Ready" when your file is ready)

3. Download the .csv and open the iOffer bulk upload page (make sure you are logged into your seller account):

4. Upload the file to iOffer:

Select the "Wish" as the Website .csv format:


click "Choose File" to add your Wish .csv:


and "Submit" to begin the upload:


Your upload will begin shortly!

5. You can view the progress anytime by visiting your Bulk Uploads page:


Please note: All new item listings are held for review for 72 hours by our risk control team prior to being restored/indexed. This includes individual item listings, bulk uploads and item transfers.